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  • Product name: MPPT charging street lights
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  • Added time: 2015-09-29
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    Split solar street lights means that the solar panels and LED lamp are located on the light pole, and gel batteries and solar charging and constant current drive integrated machine are located at the bottom of the pole. Because the controller is far away from the LED lamp, which is up to 20 meters, the LED lamp is driven by the constant current of a booster. The high-voltage low-current drive of LED lamp can greatly reduce line losses and improve system efficiency.

It has the following prominent features:
1: Can properly charge and discharge at high temperature environments.
2: Intelligent control, with light control and time control functions.
3: Driving efficiency up to 96%: the efficiency range remains between 91% - 96% regardless of rated driving or dimming driving
4: Support infrared telecommunications.
5: Unrestricted setting of drive current, one machine for multiple purposes, supporting all kinds of series and parallel connection LEDs.

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